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Theimer Kate (Hg): A Different Kind of Web; New Connections between Archives and our Users; USA 2011 (Societety of American Archivists)

Table of Contents[Bearbeiten]

David S. Ferriero Foreword ix
Kate Theimer Preface  xi
Joy Palmer and
Jane Stevenson
Something Worth Sitting Still For? - Some Implications of Web 2.0 for Outreach 1
Case Studies
Stephen J. Fletcher A View to A View to Hugh: Reflections an the Creation of a Processing Blog 22
Michele A. Christian and
Tanya Zanish-Belcher
"Broadcast Yourself': Putting Iowa State University's History on YouTube 33
Manie Tannnina The Virtual Archives: Using Second Life to Facilitate Browsing and Archival Literacy 42
Jessica Lacher-Feldman Making Friends and Fans: Using Facebook for Special Collections Outreach 54
Andrea Medina-Smith Going Where the Users Are: The Jewish Women's Archive and Its Ilse of Twitter 65
Elizabeth Yakel Balancing Archival Authority with Encouraging Authentic Voices to Engage with Records 75
Case Studies
Helena Zinkham and
Michelle Springer
Taking Photographs to the People: The Flickr Commons Project and the Library of Congress  102
Guy Grannum Harnessing User Knowledge: The National Archives' Your Archives Wiki  116
Tim Sherratt Bringing Life to Records: Mapping Our Anzacs at the National Archives of Australia  128
Michele Combs Wikipedia as an Access Point for Manuscript Collections  139
Patrick Peccatte,
translated by L. M. Thomas
Liberating Archival Images: The PhotosNormandie Project an Flickr  148
James Gcrencscr New Tools Equal New Opportunities: Using Soeial Media to Achieve Archival Management Goals  159
Case Studies
Robert S. Cox and
Danielle Kovacs
Alice in the Archives: The Evolution of the Catablog  180
Amy Schindier A New Look for Old Information: Creating a Wiki to Share Campus History  191
Malinda Trille Double-duty Blogging: A Reference Blog for Management and Outreach  203
Robert B. Townsend Old. Divisions, New Opportunities: Historians and Other Users Working with and in Archives 213
Tobi Voigt Is National History Day Ready for Web 2.0?  233
Jeffrey W. McClurken Waiting for Web 2.0: Archives and Teaching Undergraduates in a Digital Age  243
Ed. Kate Theimer Digging In to Our Mutual Roots: Soliciting the Views of Genealogists, Family Historians, and Companies Providing Access to Archival Documents  255
Terry D. Baxter Going to See the Elephant: Archives, Diversity, and the Social Web  274
Randall C. Jimerson Archives 101 in a 2.0 World: The Continuing Need for Parallel Systems  304
Kate Theimer Conclusion: Archivists and Audiences—New Connections and Changing Roles in Archives 2.0  334
. Contributors 347
. Index 357

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